Devloping ideas and turning stories into (audio)books, podcasts and audio drama. 

My passion is for stories. Behind every successful book, TV-series, podcast or film is a good story. I work with authors and scriptwriters, producers, publishers and audio platforms to develop stories into successful formats. I am specialised in audio as well as in foreign language adaptations (for books and other formats) and enjoy working on fictional or non-ficitional stories. Sometimes I develop and produce projects other times I am pulled in as an editor or director. I also enjoy giving workshops around writing for audio. 


My current and most recent projects

"Sag mal, du als Biologin" - a podcast around all things biology. I work as an editor. 

"Emanuel Arenales: Am Grund des Flusses" - an audio book original. I worked as development producer. 

"Die Hinterbliebenen" - a fictional podcast in translation (American orignal "Blood Ties). I worked as editor and director. 

"Serum" - an audio book original. I worked as development producer. 


Experienced producer of audio formats and localisations

Having worked for a literary agency, a children's publisher and a book packager in London, I first started working with audio books in 2011.  My first job was with Audible UK as an aquisition manager, licensing and producing audio books. In this role I also produced my first audio drama in English. I then joined Audible in Germany, where I was involved in developing the Audible Originals programme, producing audio drama for the German market.  

As of 2019 I am working as a freelance producer, developing and producing audio formats as well as working as an editor and localisation specialist. 


You would like to work on a project with me or find out more? Do get in touch.