I love developing and telling stories

Having worked for a literary agency, a children's book publisher and a packager for illustrated books, all based in London, selling translation rights, I joined Audible UK as aquisition manager in 2011. From this role, where I was licensing and producing audio books, I moved to Audible Germany in 2014 in order to help set up the local Originals Programme, producing more than 20 audio drama plays for adults and children. 

As of 2019 I have been working as freelance producer for audio and have been part of a large number of projects, including original audio books and drama as well as podcasts.  More recently I have worked on several translations of (audio) books and localisations of podcast. 


I work with a number of platforms, labels and studios as well with a wide range of authors, script writers and voice talent to develop and realise projects. 

  • specialisation in audio and digital
  • yeas of experience in publishing and audio industries
  • international experience and contacts
  • experience in developing and realising projects
  • experience in translations and localisations 
  • a passion for good stories